June 3, 2019

True play, on the other hand, is not structured by adults or driven by the agenda of an adult; it’s an entirely child-led process.   This type of play has structure and rules, formed entirely in the mind of the child.   In true play, children freely choose what to do, what to use, who participates, and for how long it lasts.  In true play, children plan, develop, and demolish on their own time—sometimes in seconds and sometimes over days or weeks.

March 12, 2019

As spring hops closer, the celebration of Easter is just around the corner.  While I loved gorging myself on a smorgasbord of chocolate and jelly beans as a kid, I want to fill my own child’s Easter basket with healthy and practical items that I know she will love and use.  And maybe a chocolate bunny.

While our family's simple baskets won’t include ALL of these items, I’ve been brainstorming a list to help us plan.  I hope my list of Easter basket ideas will inspire you, as well. Please share your own ideas in the comments at the bottom of the post-- I can use a few more ideas myself!


I purchased a person...

February 16, 2019

All parents want to provide their children with the best future possible.  This means providing their children with optimal learning opportunities. We want our children to succeed, and we encourage them to excel intellectually, physically, and socially.  

But what do children under 2 really need to grow, learn, and thrive?

From conception, new parents are bombarded with information and opportunities to help our children succeed.  We are told to take prenatal vitamins and read books to our growing belly bumps. We are told that our own exercise is good for the baby.  Our pregnancy apps tell us taking fish oil supplements c...

November 13, 2018

When we think about what we want our children to have, it isn’t things.  It’s all intangible-- things you can’t buy in stores and wrap in boxes.  In fact, it’s the ability to know that happiness doesn’t come from things

But that’s not practical around the holidays.  It’s tradition and expectation to give gifts.  And I’m all about tradition.

That’s why my gift guide this year starts with the values and skills we want to instill in our children and then recommends gifts to buy that support those values and skills.  Because you can’t buy and wrap what you really want to give your children, I hope this is the next bes...

November 2, 2018

The colors are SO vibrant this time of year where we live.  Yellows, oranges, reds, purples, greens, and leaves that seem to display all of the colors at once.  Don't you just want to freeze them in time and keep them that way? 

Well, here's a craft that will do just that!  I'm feeling very Martha Stewarty after this project, so I knew I needed to share it with you!

We're creating Wike Baby's playroom and this beautiful idea kept popping up on Pinterest and Instagram.  I had to try it myself.  I'm not a huge Pinterest project person.  My life is not a curated one-- honestly, it's uninstagramably practical.  My house...

October 27, 2018

Rainy days are the perfect time to mindfully give your child a gift that will last them a lifetime-- a sunny outlook on life! 

Life has its ups and downs.  We can't even predict what challenges our children will face in their lives, but we can rest unassured that there will be challenges. There will be dark days.  There will be sadness.  It hurts my heart to even think about it.  

As we raise children to be resilient and able to cope with the challenges life throws at them, teaching them to roll with the punches, see the silver linings, and look at the glass half full will help them through the challenges...

September 28, 2018

When the founder of Hike it Baby, Shanti Hodges, came out with her new book this summer titled Hike it Baby: 100 Awesome Outdoor Adventures with Babies and Toddlers, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  I just knew this book would be a great resource for all new parents-- from seasoned mountaineers to new adventurers. Luckily, I was given a review copy in exchange for sharing my honest opinion of the book.  After enjoying it so much myself, I’ve decided to do a book giveaway for my readers, so at least one of you can treasure this book for free!

This book oozes with the Hike it Baby organization’s community feel an...

September 28, 2018

This summer, I had the pleasure of being invited to Hale Summer Club for a day to experience it for myself, and it flooded me with all the best memories of my childhood.

As I wrote on Instagram that day, it’s a magical land. Children there don’t ask for screens because they are too busy catching fish, digging in the sand, tie-dying t-shirts, taking boating and archery lessons, and having good ol’ fashioned fun.  The adults relax because their kids are safe.  I even saw a few READING BOOKS—big person books, not Eric Carles or Sandra Boyntons! Others were in an outdoor yoga class or doing aqua aerobics.

My visit was a...

September 22, 2018

When I picture my fondest summer memories throughout my life, all of them are outdoors.  Every single one.

Summer weekdays spent biking back roads to the pool, swim practice in the exhilaratingly frigid water, playing cards and eating penny candy on picnic tables, and lots of capture the flag.  Collecting shells and splashing around with my siblings and cousins at the beach.  Playing "house" outside with all of the neighborhood kids and then sipping lemonade under the sun.  Spending time at a lake building sandcastles on “secret” beaches, borrowing rowboats, and eating wild blueberries.  That wild time my mom took us sailing...

August 30, 2018

We just returned from our summer trip, and while we jet-setted across the world before our daughter was born, this trip was both adventurous and close to home-- exactly what we needed!  Tons of awesome recommendations from friends made Acadia National Park a memorable experience for us.  Here I share with you the culmination of all my research and experience, so you, too, can have an epic visit to Acadia National Park.

After our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado exceeded our wildest expectations, I began dreaming up all of the national parks we could visit.  Drive just under 5 hours from Boston, and...

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