September 16, 2017

If Jerry Seinfeld visited Castle Island in Boston, he would probably say, “What’s the deal with that?” If you’re visiting or new to the area, the name might confuse you.  You might think you need a whole day to get to this “island”.  You might think you’ll be able to see an exciting castle.  Neither is true.   Although it is neither an island nor home to any castle, it is a highly recommended location for an urban wike, beautiful scenery, and great people-watching!

Castle Island is located in South Boston on William J Day Boulevard, near the M Street and Carson Beaches.  In fact, it was indeed an island b...

July 17, 2017

If you’re looking for a peaceful and delightful slice of the city of Boston, look no further than the Rose Kennedy Greenway!  This 1.5 mile string of parks along Atlantic Avenue near the waterfront in Boston is the perfect way to spend a beautiful Sunday, and that’s exactly what we did-- we went on an urban wike!

The Greenway essentially starts (or ends, depending how you look at it) at South Station.  If you’re commuting into the city to spend the day on the Greenway, South Station is a great entry point.  Similarly, the Greenway essentially ends (or begins) at North Station, another nice entry point.  If you’re c...

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Wike: (v) to walk or hike; (n) a walk or hike, usually used when referring to a short hike or long walk in nature.


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