August 9, 2018

I am so pleased to announce the winners of the “I Love the Outdoors” summer writing contest for kids!  When school is out, it’s time for kids to let loose.   The carefree days of summer are perfect for exploring nature on their own agendas and for writing what they want! 

Wike Baby invited children ages 5-12 to write about their favorite outdoor spots, favorite season, or what they’d change about the outdoor spaces near them.  Many wonderful pieces of writing and drawings were submitted.  Thank you to all who entered!  Additionally, thank you to the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Trailside Museum an...

June 7, 2018

It may not seem like it, but there’s so much that even the littlest of children can do in nature. Children are never too young to begin appreciating nature nor too young to reap the benefits of spending time outdoors. Simple things like watching a bird fly through the sky nurture a baby’s development and begin fostering a love for nature. Use this list to help you answer the question: “What can nature play look like for my baby?” Find where your child falls developmentally (regardless of the age listed), and read about what you can do to support his development during nature play.

May 23, 2018

There are so many benefits to nature play-- the unrestricted outdoor play that's so frequently missing from the lives of today's hyper-scheduled, plugged-in children.  Today's parents are nostalgically looking back at their own childhoods and thinking about how it doesn't resemble the modern day lives of children in the least.  Yet, the benefits of nature play are increasingly documented through research.  I touched upon these benefits in my last post called Nature Play-- Its Importance and Why You Need to Be Present, which you can read here.

The problem is that sometimes, our children-- who are...

May 2, 2018

It can be difficult to push out our desire to be productive in order to just be.  Thoughts about our to-do lists constantly rush through our minds.  Our cultural drive for “success” might sometimes have you thinking of all the things you need to accomplish rather than allowing you to really be present when you are outdoors with your children. You must believe that time spent together in nature is important time being spent on important work.

November 14, 2017

Hello! We are Cady and Emily from Follow Our Lead, Boston, delighted to be guest posters today on! We follow our children’s interests, and support learning opportunities in authentic, meaningful ways at home and around the Boston area. Like Kelly, we embrace the outdoors in all four seasons. But, we think there is something extra special about fall in New England. We hope you enjoy our post and we’d love to hear from you! Subscribe to our blog, follow us on Instagram or Facebook, and join the conversation. Our goal is to create a community to provide parents with new ideas and inspirations, including yours!  Th...

November 5, 2017

If your kids are very young and need a bit of motivation for your hike or if you are new to hiking and worried they will become bored, a scavenger hunt is just the remedy. 

You’ll easily have your children searching for the next item on the list, and you’ll have lots to talk about as you look and find new things.  They will be building their awareness of the natural world and combatting plant-blindness without even realizing it.  It’s an old teacher trick to get kids to learn and to do things all while thinking they are just playing a fun game…!

Scavenger hunts are great for all ages.  We all know kids love them.  Adults seem...

October 28, 2017

Need a surefire gift with educational potential to please a 3-6 year old?  Look no further than the VTech KidiZoom camera(Opinions are completely my own. I'm sharing this product because I love it and think you will, too. This is not a sponsored post!)

I first saw this camera on a Somerville Community Pathway urban wike with a few friends.  One friend brought along her four year old son, and he brought along his Kidizoom camera.  When he saw something interesting, his mom encouraged him to take a photo of it.  He was interested in the two types of bees he saw around flowers: they looked different.  Why?  We showed him tha...

August 2, 2017

Have you been “rocking,” yet?  It’s a craze beginning to sweep the country!  I’ve been sort of obsessed with acts of “secret” kindness since I was a kid.  When you do something nice for someone without telling them who it was, it gives you a rush.  “Rocking” is just that: it’s a secret act of kindness.

Kids can learn a lot about kindness from performing secret acts of kindness.  They learn that you don’t always have to get credit for something, that the act of giving a gift is just as fulfilling as the act of getting a gift, and that being kind isn’t just a means to an end.  

I’m going to tell you all...

July 27, 2017

That Mama Bear instinct has only come out a couple times since baby’s birth six months ago.  One time was when an off-leash dog came running at baby.  I would have thrown myself in front of that rabid dog if needed.  If he had been rabid.  Or even a mean dog.  Turns out he was neither and just wanted to play.  But that’s not the point...  It’s instinctive to want to protect your child, and when it happens, it feels completely innate.

One way you definitely want to protect your child that may not feel so instinctive is from the sun.  That big, bad, and beautiful sun!  If you’re outdoors a lot lik...

July 23, 2017

It’s most exciting to discover a magical place that’s basically in your backyard.  As a child, it might actually be in your backyard—a new hole, a corner of the property, a slit in the fence.  Imagine the excitement when you realize you can peer into your neighbor’s yard or when you find a litter of bunnies under your grass.

That’s sort of how I felt when I discovered Hale Reservation in Westwood, Ma. 

I had literally never heard of Hale Reservation even though it’s located only miles away and boasts over 1,000 acres and 20 miles of hiking.  It also hosts 2,000 children every weekday in the summer as part of their enormous ca...

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