August 14, 2017

What do the Rose Kennedy Greenway in downtown Boston and Millennium Park in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston have in common?  The answer is pretty dirty…

I’ve driven by Millennium Park 100 times without realizing what a great place it is to visit.  This place is full of ball fields as well as nature paths, and it’s really for everyone.  While wiking at Millennium Park, we saw runners, older ladies training their dogs, families on bikes, and teenagers playing ball… and lots of wike mamas, like us! 

I literally discovered this place by looking at google maps.  I saw a green area with paths, and lo and behold, i...

July 7, 2017

Some days life is just too crazy.   You sit down to relax and you turn on the television. The news is on, and immediately you feel overwhelmed again.  You need some peace!  What if you could find an oasis of peace in the middle of a bustling city?

Enter: Boston Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary.  Located in the Mattapan neighborhood of Boston, it really is an oasis of peace.   The 67 acres of meadows, woods, and wetlands with 2.5 miles of trails and boardwalks provide a habitat for lots of wildlife. We saw a variety of butterflies and beetles, plants including the magnificent sweet pea and aspen trees, and...

May 7, 2017

I'm not talking about blind plants. They don't have eyes, silly!  

Did you know that the flower you're looking at might be a trillium plant?  Did you know trillium plants can live for up to 25 years and that it's illegal to pick it in some places? Or it could be a bloodroot flower. Did you know that the bloodroot flower was once thought to cure cancer but later found to cause cancer? Maybe you're looking at my dear old friend skunk cabbage (story for another day...).  Did you know that the skunk cabbage actually has a purple flower with very large petals?  Did you know that you could also be looking at a cactus plant that is...

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Exploring Outdoors with Children and Babies

Wike: (v) to walk or hike; (n) a walk or hike, usually used when referring to a short hike or long walk in nature.


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