July 27, 2017

That Mama Bear instinct has only come out a couple times since baby’s birth six months ago.  One time was when an off-leash dog came running at baby.  I would have thrown myself in front of that rabid dog if needed.  If he had been rabid.  Or even a mean dog.  Turns out he was neither and just wanted to play.  But that’s not the point...  It’s instinctive to want to protect your child, and when it happens, it feels completely innate.

One way you definitely want to protect your child that may not feel so instinctive is from the sun.  That big, bad, and beautiful sun!  If you’re outdoors a lot lik...

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Exploring Outdoors with Children and Babies

Wike: (v) to walk or hike; (n) a walk or hike, usually used when referring to a short hike or long walk in nature.


Nature and Wellness Enthusiast, New Mom, Educator

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