July 26, 2018

What are the hikes with the best views/destinations in the greater Boston area? Please tell me! 

I’m always on the hunt for a good hike destination.  Hiking to the top of a peak for a great view, like Great Blue Hill, or to a spectacular lake, like Mills Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, there’s nothing like getting your sweat on, heart rate rising, working hard for a worthwhile payoff.

That’s why I was really excited when Widowmaker Brewing prepared to open adjacent to my favorite hiking area in the greater Boston area, Blue Hills Reservation.  A unique hiking destination!  I began planning my hiking route.

If y...

March 24, 2018

If you like World’s End in Hingham, MA (and who doesn’t?), make sure you check out this sweet little 36 acre park that you don’t want to miss: Webb Memorial State Park in Weymouth, MA.  It's named after Weymouth police officer and WWII veteran William Webb and operated by DCR.

It’s much smaller and, while well-kept, certainly not as manicured as World’s End.  But it is a beautiful, family friendly park along the water with similar views of Boston.  It has plenty of parking, and it’s free to enjoy.  There is a pavilion with grills for a picnic, and there are restrooms and a water fountain.  Score.

With an easy 1...

March 17, 2018

My bucket list of Boston area wikes had Noanet Woodlands on it for quite some time.  If you haven’t been there yet, it should be on your short list, too!

When we finally made it to Noanet Woodlands, a 600 acre property of The Trustees in Dover, Massachusetts, it just so happened to be perfect weather.  The sky was clear and sunny, the air was a crisp 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and there was a beautiful layer of snow on the ground.  It was the first day of daylight savings time, so we put on our hats and boots and made use of our extra hour of sun to hit the trails.

We started at Caryl Park, where there was a parking lot (and...

November 14, 2017

Hello! We are Cady and Emily from Follow Our Lead, Boston, delighted to be guest posters today on wikebaby.com! We follow our children’s interests, and support learning opportunities in authentic, meaningful ways at home and around the Boston area. Like Kelly, we embrace the outdoors in all four seasons. But, we think there is something extra special about fall in New England. We hope you enjoy our post and we’d love to hear from you! Subscribe to our blog, follow us on Instagram or Facebook, and join the conversation. Our goal is to create a community to provide parents with new ideas and inspirations, including yours!  Th...

October 28, 2017

Need a surefire gift with educational potential to please a 3-6 year old?  Look no further than the VTech KidiZoom camera(Opinions are completely my own. I'm sharing this product because I love it and think you will, too. This is not a sponsored post!)

I first saw this camera on a Somerville Community Pathway urban wike with a few friends.  One friend brought along her four year old son, and he brought along his Kidizoom camera.  When he saw something interesting, his mom encouraged him to take a photo of it.  He was interested in the two types of bees he saw around flowers: they looked different.  Why?  We showed him tha...

October 13, 2017

If you’re looking for a quick and easy escape that will create memories to last a lifetime, our wiking family recommends a trip to Denver, Colorado!   Just peruse our photos-- I could look at them all day.  Although we could have easily explored the area for a month, our visit lasted four days.  With a nine-month old in tow, we saw and did a lot while allowing for the flexibility a baby needs.  Here’s how you can do the same!

The Essentials

Fly into Denver—An easily accessible major airport, you’ll be certain to find a variety of flights into the city.  We opted for an evening flight around baby’s bedtime...

October 9, 2017

Fostering a love for the outdoors starts with building an awareness of nature—and right now is the perfect time to encourage your little ones to notice the natural changes around them! 

Here are some engaging, knowledge-building, and fun ways to track the daily and seasonal changes.  They range from ridiculously simple to more involved, but all follow my promise for high quality nature activities.

1. Become Daily Arborists- Choose a tree or other plant that you can see outside of your window and one you are able to visit frequently.  Make it a daily ritual to look at the tree together and talk about what you see. This sounds...

September 16, 2017

If Jerry Seinfeld visited Castle Island in Boston, he would probably say, “What’s the deal with that?” If you’re visiting or new to the area, the name might confuse you.  You might think you need a whole day to get to this “island”.  You might think you’ll be able to see an exciting castle.  Neither is true.   Although it is neither an island nor home to any castle, it is a highly recommended location for an urban wike, beautiful scenery, and great people-watching!

Castle Island is located in South Boston on William J Day Boulevard, near the M Street and Carson Beaches.  In fact, it was indeed an island b...

August 14, 2017

What do the Rose Kennedy Greenway in downtown Boston and Millennium Park in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston have in common?  The answer is pretty dirty…

I’ve driven by Millennium Park 100 times without realizing what a great place it is to visit.  This place is full of ball fields as well as nature paths, and it’s really for everyone.  While wiking at Millennium Park, we saw runners, older ladies training their dogs, families on bikes, and teenagers playing ball… and lots of wike mamas, like us! 

I literally discovered this place by looking at google maps.  I saw a green area with paths, and lo and behold, i...

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