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Wiking Webb Memorial State Park

If you like World’s End in Hingham, MA (and who doesn’t?), make sure you check out this sweet little 36 acre park that you don’t want to miss: Webb Memorial State Park in Weymouth, MA. It's named after Weymouth police officer and WWII veteran William Webb and operated by DCR.

It’s much smaller and, while well-kept, certainly not as manicured as World’s End. But it is a beautiful, family friendly park along the water with similar views of Boston. It has plenty of parking, and it’s free to enjoy. There is a pavilion with grills for a picnic, and there are restrooms and a water fountain. Score.

With an easy 1.4 mile looped path along a peninsula extending into Hingham Bay, you can access much of Webb with a stroller. The entire park boasts views of the water and harbor islands-- it is a peninsula after all! I recommend you first head right on the loop. Children will love walking along the water and listening to the THUMP heard when tossing stones in.

When you round the bend, you can even see the Boston skyline! Add this to the list of wikes with a view of Boston! After the city fades from view, you’ll reach the upper neck loop. This area is more easily accessed without wheels. You want to check out this area because it’s where the foxes live! You might see footprints or catch a glimpse of them if you’re lucky.

In fact, there’s lots of wildlife in this seemingly small area of green space and marshland. We most recently visited after a big snowstorm (my first time ever SNOW SHOEING!) and there were many different types of animal prints in the snow. It is SO fun to try to decipher the prints using wildlife detective skills!

As you walk, think about the history of the land. The National Park Service says that it was once a seasonal home for Native Americans. Later it was likely used for grazing animals. History took a turn for the worse here in 1860 when it was a dumping spot for industrial waste. Then in the 1950’s, the land was government-owned and housed underground silos of anti-aircraft missiles. The park we know and love today started in 1977 when the land was transferred to the state of Massachusetts. In 2007, the land was completely cleaned up, rehabbed, and reviewed by the Department of Environmental Protection, as confirmed by the state, to create the beautiful park we know and love today! It's a happy ending to the story.

This place is great for a family wike, snowshoeing, fishing, a walk with your dog, or a picnic. If you’re lucky enough to visit on a clear day after a big snowstorm like we were, you’ll enjoy walking through the winter wonderland of trees glistening with snow. It will be quiet and peaceful. You’ll feel the crisp air and warm sun on your face. You’ll hear the sweet chirping of birds. You’ll see a person or two walking dogs and a family or two playing in the snow or sledding down a small hill. The red of cardinals will pop against the white snow. Pure. Joy.

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Webb is the perfect place to explore in winter or summer! When is your favorite season to wike?

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