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Honorable Mention: Lucy, Age 3

Congratulations to Lucy, age 3, an honorable mention winner of the 2018 Wike Baby "I Love the Outdoors" Children's Writing Contest! She writes about hiking Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park through a tunnel to a waterfall.

"I like seeing waterfalls. Waterfalls go into rivers. Little waterfalls have bumps. I like seeing bumps and seeing waterfalls and the shadow is right there. There is the people and the bridge and they are going into the tunnel. The owl is happy because owls are happy. There is the waterfall and the line so people don't go in there. Waterfalls make me feel good. The chipmunks are happy and crazy. And they are sneaky. Every chipmunk is happy and nice. I like to say thank you to my Momma. She is super awesome for holding my hand. My Mom has a lot of hearts."

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