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Winner: Reva, Age 5

Congratulations to Reva, age 5 and a half, who is a winner of the 2018 Wike Baby "I Love the Outdoors" Children's Writing Contest!

Favorite Special Places Outdoors

I went on picnic to Borderland State Park, we took a walk in the woods by the lake. Because my grandpa could not walk much he stayed back at the picnic table. We came back from the forest after a long walk, then we played skip ropes, frisbee, we also played with my squishy ball. I had a bubble stick. I ran around in the field making lots of bubbles. Some bubbles floated far far away, some bubbles stayed on the grass. Do you know what? I had a dragonfly sitting on my hat. It felt funny and weird. It gave me company for a long time on my walk.

On our way home we stopped for ice cream. I got Oreo&cookie with rainbow sprinkles. My Dad got Pistachio. My Grandma and Grandpa got Strawberry and Vanilla. My brother got some kind of drink. My Mom shared with my Dad. A little while after my Mom tried to put my ice cream into the cup but accidentally she dropped it from the cone. I got a new ice cream but it took a long for my Mom to get cause she had to stand in line.

When we got back home my Mom said one of my friends was coming over to play. I was

very excited. We played a lot and lot and lot outside in our yard. We colored, we drew giant rainbow and sun with chalks on our driveway. We tried to fill entire driveway. We played in the playground and with bubbles again. We came back in for a little snack and drink. We played inside for a while and then it was time for my friend to leave.

It was a very fun day, I really loved it and that is my story.

My favorite places outdoors are parks, ice cream places and my yard.

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