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Nature Inspired Valentines

Time is ticking on those Valentines, parents! If you're like me, you want to steer your child towards sharing Valentines that are cute... but don't contain plastic that will soon be in the trash. You want something handmade... but also easy to do. And on top of all that, your child's teacher says it can't be a food item!

I went down an internet rabbit hole on this mission, and I think I looked at every page on the web in search of ideas that check all the boxes! To help you avoid such internet rabbit hole, I've neatly compiled the best of my findings here.

Check out these nature inspired valentines and share others in the comments section below!

1. These easy printables from Wilder Child can be used to attach to your exploring treasures. We made these last year, and they were a hit!

I'm pining for you valentines

2. These super cute free printables from Rain or Shine Mamma can be used with purchased polished rocks or those collected on your latests hike.

3. These adorable bird feeder valentines from Jen Loves Kev will let your child show their love for both their classmates AND their feathered friends.

4. With some forget-me-not seeds and these cute printables from Outdoors Mom, your valentines will bloom into something beautiful.

5. These flower petal ornaments from Little Pine Learners:

6. Super adorable googley eyed rocks from first grade teacher @darcirobinson:

7. Painted rocks by @Busybeingjennifer:

Which Valentines are you making this year?

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