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Undercover Deal Snatcher

For years I've been listening to travel secrets.

My husband meticulously plans our travel in order to maximize rewards and points, paying the least possible for the greatest experience. We've traveled around the world using his money-saving prowess.

Most recently, the three of us flew to Italy for about $300 in business class. Plus points, of course. I'm not telling you this to brag. It was amazing; well, as amazing as any flight across the ocean could possibly be with a 13 month old. Instead, I'm telling you this so you understand why his amazing skills are worth snatching.

And he proudly goes on and on telling me all about methods and point planning... while I sort of, well, zone out.

Not anymore.

Finally, I've decided I'm going to tune-in and take notes in order to share them with you!

I've been trying to get him to start a website for a while now, and all of his friends tell him his hobby and advice are worth monetizing, but he is too busy to even consider these ideas.

So instead, here I am. I'll be taking notes and sharing them here on Wike Baby, undercover, snatching all his methods and deals.

Let me know what you want to know, and I'll do my best to gather intel. I have to admit: I don't personally have these money-saving travel tips and skills. Mr. Wike Baby and I are definitely the "opposites attract" couple whose skills complement each other. I'm more of the creative and big picture thinker, and I have no place in calculating or negotiating.

BUT I can certainly take notes and report. My 8th grade study skills teacher taught me that, and I'm happy to make her proud!

DON'T TELL HIM. Just tune in and comment below. Maybe someday he will catch on and share his ideas himself!


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