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How Wike Baby Began

Hello! I'm Kelly, and this bundle of adventure is my little wike baby. I'm on a mission to share my love of nature, fitness, and exploration with my child.

When little wike baby was first born, I had three goals:

1. Spend as much quality time with my daughter as possible. They are only little for so long, and I'm continually reminded of this.

2. Stay sane by connecting with friends and making new mom friends! Being alone with an infant all day every day can start to affect your mental health...!

3. Stay active! Fitness has always been a big part of my life, and I vowed to continue to be in control of my health.

So on my maternity leave from teaching elementary school, we started walking. A LOT. We'd meet up with friends here and there. Meet ups brought us to places we've never explored and even places I'd never heard of.

When I got to thinking about it, I realized that I'm pretty passionate about both nature and fitness. I love exploring new places and getting outside. I value the natural world and understand how being in it affects our mental health. I have lots of experience teaching children about the natural world. I know sharing these interests with my daughter will enrich her life, as well.

Why not share our adventures with others? We might just meet some fabulous people along the way. The Wike Baby blog was born!

Thanks for joining us. Send us a shout out about your favorite "wikes" or your thoughts on a forging an active and nature-filled life for your children. Can't wait to hear from you!

Wintry Wike at Wellesley College

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Spend time together with your family and friends exploring and adventuring.



Practice appreciating nature and your part in it.



Stay active and healthy.


Recenter yourself with peace and calmness.


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