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Make Just One Change for the Earth Series

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, I’m presenting a new Wike Baby series called "Make Just One Change".

Our Earth deserves so much love. As I’ve written before, I believe we need to show our children that they are part of nature, not a part from it. And we need to live that way ourselves.

Most of us know our Earth deserves love, but acting on it is another thing. Our lives move so quickly. The American work culture. The over-scheduling of children’s after school programs. Family health and well-being. Laundry. So much laundry. If you’re like me, you feel like you’re always looking out for others. You’re always busy. Mother Earth keeps slipping down on the list of priorities.

Maybe you’re not like me, and you live a zero waste, completely sustainable lifestyle. If that’s you, YOU are amazing. Teach me, please!

Buuuuuuuuuut: Time. Family. Money. Most of us have conflicting priorities. Most of us can’t do it all.

But we can do something. We can all do something better for the earth.

This April, I’m committing to changing just one thing in my family’s lifestyle that positively impacts Mother Earth. I invite you to join me.

If everyone makes just one small change, think of what will happen. We might find that it’s easy, and it might lead to another change. Others might see our change and try it for themselves. The impact will grow.

While we have the power to singlehandedly make changes to our lifestyle that improve our family’s relationship with the earth, it’s even more valuable to get our children involved! To facilitate this family decision-making, I’ve made you a handy dandy checklist. I'm also giving you a way to make this both fun and "official" with a family checklist, pledge, and the ability to earn a certificate! Download it here.

Looking for ideas of what changes to make? Here's my monster list of 60 ideas.

Trying to get your whole family involved in helping the earth? Find tips here.

Want your change to be switching from paper to cloth "unpaper" towels? Read advice here.

Thinking of cloth diapering to help the earth and save money? It's easy, we'll show you here.

If you're taking part in my challenge (and you ARE, right?!), why not also participate in the same challenge and enroll in a fun giveaway from Mountain Mom and Tots? Find out how to participate here.

We can all CHANGE something. What will your family CHANGE?

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Spend time together with your family and friends exploring and adventuring.



Practice appreciating nature and your part in it.



Stay active and healthy.


Recenter yourself with peace and calmness.


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