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Daily Dose of Nature Challenge

As we are all working together to practice "social distancing," we are reminded that nature isn't on the list of things that are cancelled. We can still go outside, still explore, still appreciate the beauty around us, and still take in all the benefits nature has to offer us and our children!

Being outside has always been an important part of how we keep our family healthy. Now more than ever, it is crucial for us and our well-being.

That's why I was so excited when I came across this fabulous "challenge" on Instagram by @growingupoutside. Debbie curated the list thoughtfully, and each item on the it is something simple we can do with minimal materials. I can envision doing each one with our family!

One thing I love about this list is that you can start it any time. By today, Debbie's family is on Day 2, and I'm be on Day 1. Whenever you find it, you can start at Day 1.

I also love that this list is low pressure-- as being outside with our children should be. We are living in a stressful time, and we don't need any added pressure. If we miss a day, we will just do it when we can. And if we think one item is too much for us, we will simply skip it and not look back.

Will you join us as we get our daily dose of nature? You can click on the image above to download the list in GoogleDrive. I've printed mine out, so I can check off the items.

Share your experiences on Instagram and see what others are up to with the hashtag #dailydoseofnature!

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Spend time together with your family and friends exploring and adventuring.



Practice appreciating nature and your part in it.



Stay active and healthy.


Recenter yourself with peace and calmness.


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