August 30, 2018

We just returned from our summer trip, and while we jet-setted across the world before our daughter was born, this trip was both adventurous and close to home-- exactly what we needed!  Tons of awesome recommendations from friends made Acadia National Park a memorable experience for us.  Here I share with you the culmination of all my research and experience, so you, too, can have an epic visit to Acadia National Park.

After our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado exceeded our wildest expectations, I began dreaming up all of the national parks we could visit.  Drive just under 5 hours from Boston, and...

July 26, 2018

What are the hikes with the best views/destinations in the greater Boston area? Please tell me! 

I’m always on the hunt for a good hike destination.  Hiking to the top of a peak for a great view, like Great Blue Hill, or to a spectacular lake, like Mills Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, there’s nothing like getting your sweat on, heart rate rising, working hard for a worthwhile payoff.

That’s why I was really excited when Widowmaker Brewing prepared to open adjacent to my favorite hiking area in the greater Boston area, Blue Hills Reservation.  A unique hiking destination!  I began planning my hiking route.

If y...

July 19, 2018

“Wild is tiny and fragile and sweet-baby new. It pushes through cracks and crannies and steals back forgotten places.” 

Megan Wagner Lloyd

(from the children’s book Finding Wild)

Don’t you just love a good story about how an abandoned lot became a community garden or how an endangered animal made a come back? 

This is the tale of Quincy Quarries Reservation, once a flurry of human activity and now an historic preservation site where nature is creeping back.  Quincy itself is full of history: it’s called “The City of Presidents” because John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and John Hancock (President of the Second Continental Congre...

July 11, 2018

If you’re someone who believes in the magic of childhood—either preserving it for your children or reigniting it for yourself-- and you find yourself in the greater Boston area, I encourage you to leave your messy house and embark on an adventure in Needham Town Forest to find the hidden model train tracks called Martini Junction.

March 24, 2018

If you like World’s End in Hingham, MA (and who doesn’t?), make sure you check out this sweet little 36 acre park that you don’t want to miss: Webb Memorial State Park in Weymouth, MA.  It's named after Weymouth police officer and WWII veteran William Webb and operated by DCR.

It’s much smaller and, while well-kept, certainly not as manicured as World’s End.  But it is a beautiful, family friendly park along the water with similar views of Boston.  It has plenty of parking, and it’s free to enjoy.  There is a pavilion with grills for a picnic, and there are restrooms and a water fountain.  Score.

With an easy 1...

March 21, 2018

In every direction you look, miles and miles of wall extend around you. It's ancient and crumbling and there are trees and plants growing out of the stone path in every direction. And you're walking on it. The piece of wall we hiked was completed in 1580 AD, as it took a couple hundred years to finish. Even though the age and condition are impressive, the actual construction is astounding. To think of people having to hike up what I hiked carrying bricks and stones on their back and then build in all weather and conditions (it was 85 and blazing sun for us!) is beyond me.

March 17, 2018

My bucket list of Boston area wikes had Noanet Woodlands on it for quite some time.  If you haven’t been there yet, it should be on your short list, too!

When we finally made it to Noanet Woodlands, a 600 acre property of The Trustees in Dover, Massachusetts, it just so happened to be perfect weather.  The sky was clear and sunny, the air was a crisp 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and there was a beautiful layer of snow on the ground.  It was the first day of daylight savings time, so we put on our hats and boots and made use of our extra hour of sun to hit the trails.

We started at Caryl Park, where there was a parking lot (and...

Ireland isn’t famous for its hikes or walking routes.  When most people think about Ireland, they probably think about Guinness, Leprechauns, or maybe even St. Patrick and our parades in March. Ireland has a temperate weather system; this means that it’s never too hot or cold.   Because of this, we have lush green countryside and mountains filled with purple heather--but for hiking this means soggy feet for 6 months of the year!

There is a 500 meter path that runs through the grove. Time and space seems infinite once you step into this magical world. The bamboo makes you feel tiny and fills you with awe as you look up and out and see long, strong, bamboo stalks as far as the eye can see. A sense of zen comes over you, too. I’m not sure if it is all the green, or the lovely linear pattern that the bamboo creates, but you can’t help but unwind and relax on this path. It isn’t a hike where you rush through to get to a destination but rather one that you breathe in and enjoy together. The path is long and straight for a good portion so the kids could...

February 28, 2018

World traveler extraordinaire and mommy to her own New York City-dwelling Wike Baby, Swati reflects and relives one of the best decisions she's ever made: to hike the Camino, an epic once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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